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By filling out this form your reservation is almost confirmed. If you decide not to book or need to cancel, you must follow proper cancellation procedure 15 days before the event to avoid any and all charges. • You can cancel your reservation up until 15 days prior to your check-in date. You must cancel your reservation before this time; or we may not be able to give you any refund. The hotel reserves the right to charge you for the first nights stay if you do not cancel in time. • Due to Airlines restriction, flying ticket are non-refundable, but we can give you a credit note with the total value of your flight. • Processing fees are non-refundable - unless deemed appropriate by management. • If you do not respond to your confirmation email and/or cancel your reservation within 72 hours; we will automatically charge processing fees and cancel your reservation for you. By agreeing to this policy you are agreeing to these charges. • If your refund is approved, only 95% of the total amount charged will typically be refunded; unless otherwise approved by management.